Upcoming "Sive" Auditions January 2015

Our April production will be Sive by John B. Keane, directed by Kevin O'Malley.

Auditions will be held in Room 7 of the Little Theatre on Friday 9th January (9 - 10.30pm) and Sunday morning 11th January (11 - 1). Rehearsals will be Tuesdays, Thursdays (8-10) and Sunday mornings (11-1). For January only, Tuesday's rehearsals will take place on Mondays. To help Kevin compare, contrast and match, it is important that you attend both auditions. Thank you

Performances: April 8th - 18th.

If you would like to have a look at the script before January, please contact me by email or phone (087 2955 950). Please specify if you want a highlighted one (for a particular character) or an unmarked one.

Below is a list of the characters (3 female, 6 male) in the play, with a rough indication of the age requirements and rehearsal requirements.


NANNA GLAVIN                        

Mother of Mike Glavin and grandmother of Sive 

(50+; 3 rehearsals per week, occasional night off)

MENA GLAVIN                          

Wife of Mike Glavin                                                 

(35+; 3 rehearsals per week)


The “illegitimate” daughter of Mike’s late sister

(Pass for 17/18-year-old schoolgirl; 2 rehearsals per week)


A matchmaker

(50+; 3 rehearsals per week, occasional night off)

MIKE GLAVIN                           

The man of the house, husband of Mena, uncle of Sive

(40+; 3 rehearsals per week, occasional night off)

LIAM SCUAB                             

A carpenter, Sive’s sweetheart

(21+; 2 rehearsals per week, occasional night off)

SEÁN DÓTA                              

A wealthy old farmer, suitor for the hand of Sive

(60+; 1 rehearsal per week)

PATS BOCOCK                         

A travelling tinker-man

(50+; 2 rehearsals per week, occasional night off)


His musical son (plays the bodhrán and sings!)

(21+; 1 rehearsal per week)


The action takes place in the kitchen of the Glavins’ small farmhouse in a remote mountainy part of southern Ireland in the 1950s. 

Accents? Strong Cork/Kerry, as usual in a play by John B. Keane.

These rehearsal requirements are fairly accurate. Needless to say, all cast - and Members - are welcome to all rehearsals.