All in Favour Said No!

by Bernard Farrell

Tuesday 16 and Thursday 18 August 2016

8pm in Room 7. Little Theatre.

An opportunity to read the play, audition for parts and/or to join the production team.

The action of the play takes place over two acts (four scenes) in the

general office of the Donnycarney Metal Works in the 1970s.

Cast - 5 female and 7 male


Gilbert Donnelly          early 60s, office manager, easy-going, gentlemanly and pleasant.

Christy Metcalf            mid 40s, union steward, quiet, nervous.

 Dave                            20s, good-looking, extrovert.

Liam                             early 20s, less assured than Dave.

Miss Temple                 50s, telephonist, white stick, dark glasses (she is blind).

Sally                             20, office temp., unsure of herself, eager to please.

Mike Reynolds             mid 30s, no-nonsense, highly-efficient general manager.

Dee Kavanagh             mid 40s, Mike’s secretary, mature, glamorous and trendily dressed.

Eddie Malone              late 20s, production shop steward, exudes self-confidence in union        

                                    matters and elsewhere.

Una                             18, machine worker, smoker.                                   

Joan                           18, machine worker.

Ronnie Partridge       60s, owns the company, elegant.

Production Dates             23, 24, 25, 26, 30, November &

                                          1, 2, 3 December 2016.


Director - Dominic McQuillan.

Mobile: 087 6876677.      email:

Dominic has previously directed for the Group - Musicals/Plays included Showboat, Ring Round the Moon, The Importance of Being Earnest, How the Other Half Loves, My Fair Lady, and a previous production of All in Favour Said No!.