OCTOBER 14th - OCTOBER 24th 2015

Four generations of women from one family are gathered together in the new house that The Mai has built at Owl Lake. There’s Grandma Fraochlan, her two daughters (Julie and Agnes), three grand daughters (Mai, Connie and Beck) and a great grand daughter (Millie). The thorn in their midst is Robert, The Mai’s estranged husband, who’s taken a break from his philandering ways and come home to the beautiful house The Mai built to lure him back. This is a play that’s full of dreams, images and ghosts (not literal ones). The characters are haunted by the past and the future seems pre-ordained, set in motion by dreams and hauntings.

As always with Marina Carr’s writing the language is beautiful, evocative and poetic and the characters possess flaws that you know will cause their demise.



The Mai: Aisling Coleman

Robert: Ken McEvoy

Millie: Ciara Lynch

Grandma Fraochlán: Suzanne Healy

Connie: Denise O'Connor

Beck: Louise Keating

Julie: Anna Marie Maguire

Agnes: Mary Moorehouse


Director: Mary Cauldwell

Producer: Edel Firzgerald

Stage Manager: Aga Daly

Set Construction: Billy Fitzgerald, Paul Jordan, Ronald Jones and Group Members

Lighting/Sound: Richard Norman-Wright, Ronald Jones

Costume: Maire Keogh and Group Members

Front of House: Group Members

Poster: fastnetgraphics

Programme: Kevin O'Mally, Ronald Jones

Photographs: Daily Photography