There are lots of opportunities to get involved with the Skerries Theatre Group. You'll find we're a friendly lot and appreciative of any help you can give. You can see from the list below that there are lots of on-stage and behind-the-scenes activities that might appeal to you. Why not take a look and see if there's something you'd be interested in and contact us for more information?



For those of you who have been to the theatre for one of our productions, you'll know how welcome a cup of tea or a glass of wine is during the intermission! We generally have a number of friendly and helpful people who act as ushers to get you seated, make the teas, put out the trays of biscuits, the glasses of wine, wash up afterwards and call the raffle! This is the Front Of House and it's the first impression visitors get of the Skerries Theatre Group and we like to give a warm welcome to all.

It's a real team effort with each night having some seven or eight people front of house! You can commit to as many - or as few- nights as you want. All help is appreciated. It's a perfect way to meet new people and get involved.


We try to dress our characters as authentically for the role they're playing in each production. Where necessary, we hire costumes but that costs money! We have a small 'team' of people that can make, mend and transform all sorts of things. We are always looking for people with sewing and dress-making skills to help out and kit the cast ready for a production. These pictures came from the 2012 production of Charley's Aunt and show the creations of some talented members. Aren't they wonderful?!


We often need people to help with hair (and sometimes make-up, too). Up, down, curly ringlets or sometimes, a dragged through a hedge backwards look! We try to get each member of the cast looking appropriate for the period of the production and the action that character is involved in to make the whole theatre experience as professional as possible.


Every production requires props. We hire the big stuff, like furniture, usually, but it costs money. Sometimes, theatre group members lend costume jewellery or bags, etc, but sometimes we need a custom-made piece. Where we can, we try to produce props to a good standard to look convincing for the production and last the duration.  It can be anything from a vegetable-covered apron (where a casserole has exploded!), to 'leaded', stained glass windows or distressed boxes for a period feel...


Set building can be fairly physical. It involves some carpentry skills and a lot of lifting, shifting and carrying things about to make the sets that dress the stage for each production.


When a production is on we need people with good organisational skills to make sure the right people are on stage at the right time with the right props, etc! Generally, we have one or two people responsible for all of this backstage activity - a stage manager and an assistant stage manager. It can be physical, involving the lifting of furniture for scene changes, etc, with an emphasis on being fairly quick as well!

If this appeals to you, contact the director of the next play to volunteer and maybe come along to get a feel for what's involved.


Skerries Theatre Group stage three productions from September to May and host the Skerries One-Act Drama Festival in November each year. To get involved you will need to attend Auditions where the Director will cast the play from those Auditions. Information re forthcoming Auditions/Productions will be posted on our Facebook page and on our Website. Information will also be posted in local newspapers and other Social Media platforms. You may also contact us at any time. PRO contact no: 087 210 5432