The Gingerbread Lady


The Gingerbread Lady is a comedy drama – with serious undertones. It centres on Evy, a cabaret singer whose career, marriage and health have all been destroyed by alcohol. Having just completed a ten-week stint in a rehab facility, she returns home to the welcome of friends with their own problems – Jimmy, a gay actor in danger of losing a part in a play and Toby, an overly vain woman who fears the loss of her looks. Then Polly, her devoted but anxious teenage daughter arrives on the scene, shortly followed by Lou, Evy’s worthless ex-lover. Crackling with the kind of hilarious oneliners we expect from Neil Simon, the play focuses on whether Evy will stay on the wagon or career towards a tragic end...


Evy: Louise Keating

Polly: Éabha Geraghty

Toby: Deirdre Langton

Jimmy: Dave McGloughlin

Lou: Gerard Grimes

Manuel: Ross O'Shea

Doctor: Ray McCarthy / Michael McKenna


Director: Kevin O' Malley

Stage Manager: Aga Daly